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Business Insurance Somerville, MA

Business Insurance Somerville MABusiness insurance in Somerville, MA consists of a multitude of different policies a business may possibly need depending on what their company does and what type of coverage they feel they may need for protection from the litigation that comes from running a business. There are many types of insurance policies, and all of these would be separate policies, but they make up your business owners policy, or BOP, which would be all of your coverage packaged together.

Business Insurance Somerville, MA Locals Can Trust

General liability insurance coverage is the most basic business insurance in Somerville, MA you can obtain. It generally covers all accidents, property damage, and lawsuits. All businesses need at least general liability insurance coverage. It can save your business from financial ruin if your company is sued for any reason. You must have general liability insurance to protect you from the frivolous and substantiated lawsuits. Although workers comp and commercial insurance require different policies, and workers comp insurance is mandatory in most states, they are both thought of as general liability coverage.

Specific Business Insurance in Somerville, MA

There are several different, and very specific, types of insurance policies that fall into the business insurance category. Workers comp and commercial insurance are more general, whereas there are several more very specific types of coverage that depend on where your business housed and what it does. You may need to get property insurance for specific type of properties such as a store or a restaurant.  Property insurance also covers the physical damage to others property or the loss of use of that property while onsite of your business. There are specific policies for your products if someone is ever injured by something your company made or services you provided. There are policies for protection from the lawsuits that may arise from those product related injuries. You may need to add professional liability insurance to your BOP, if your business has anything to do with the advisement of others. Contractual liability insurance covers any liability you have assumed by entering into any of a variety of contract agreements. With the many BOP options it is best to go through the specifics with your local business insurance provider, Somerville, MA.

As a company, you may need only general liability coverage, or you may need much more. Contact A. Gange & Sons, Inc. today at (781) 396-3111, and let us help you determine the best in business insurance, Somerville, MA.



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