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Commercial Insurance Somerville, MA

Commercial Insurance Somerville MAFor the best in commercial insurance, Somerville, MA business owners can turn to the experienced team at A. Gange & Sons, Inc. Many people may not know their business insurance is not inclusive of their vehicles, and they may need an additional policy. This is an extremely important aspect of commercial insurance, and must be take account for. First, that is why it is important to speak with you local Somerville, MA insurance agency. Secondly, it is the reason you need commercial auto insurance. As a business, you want to protect yourself, your employees, and all the other people who are the road. Personal auto insurance is mandatory in most if not all states, so even if you are using your personal vehicle for business, it still must be covered. Commercial insurance in Somerville, MA, covers car, trucks, vans, trailers and any other vehicles that may be used on the public roads for your business.

Why Buy Commercial Insurance in Somerville, MA?

You need commercial insurance, Somerville, MA for all the vehicles you will be using in your business. You also need coverage for all the people who will be utilizing those vehicles. Commercial insurance has the same coverage options as personal auto insurance. You can cover your business by getting only liability, which is the mandatory minimum insurance coverage you must have for personal vehicles, or you can get collision and comprehensive which is usually the next step up.  Some companies cover their vehicles completely and go forth with the medical coverage and personal injury protection for uninsured and underinsured drivers. This is all so while they or their employees are on the road, not only are the people protected, but the business is protected as well.

Who Should Buy Commercial Insurance in Somerville, MA?

Commonly, people need commercial insurance for the vehicles which they use to do business. The policy you need is determined by whether or not your car is registered under your personal name or your business name. Even if the vehicle is only used by one person, and it is also their means of transportation for personal travel, they could still get a commercial auto policy. If you are utilizing more than one vehicle in your business, you definitely need commercial insurance.

To get a quote on commercial insurance, Somerville, MA, call (781) 396-3111, and we will make sure you get the exact coverage you need.



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