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Flood Insurance Somerville, MA

Flood Insurance Somerville MAWhen it comes to flood insurance, Somerville, MA locals can count on A. Gange & Sons, Inc. Homeowners insurance is insurance that covers damage to your home or property, and also protects you from any injuries or property damage others may experience while on your property. Something you may not know is flood insurance is not covered in your homeowners insurance. It is a separate policy. This is the type of specific information you get when you visit with A. Gange & Sons, Inc. in Somerville, MA.

Snow Makes Flood Insurance in Somerville, MA a Must Have

If you have experienced a New England winter, it is clear to see why flood insurance is so important. Last year Massachusetts experienced the largest snowfall ever in recorded history of the state. Not to many days after the snow finally stopped falling, the temperature was in the 50’s. Because there was so much snow, when it melted it caused flooding in certain areas. If some of these unfortunate property owners did not have flood insurance, then sadly they could not make a claim for their damages. That may have been the first wake up call for some that flood insurance is extremely important. Snowfall makes flood insurance a must in Somerville, MA. A. Gange & Sons, Inc. makes sure their clients know that flood insurance is necessary in addition to homeowners insurance, so they can make sure their clients are protected in case there is another flood.

Flood Insurance in Somerville, MA from Members of the Community

The people who make up A. Gange & Sons, Inc. are present in the community experiencing the same things the community experiences. Their company has been in and around the Somerville community for almost a century. As a community-based insurance company, A. Gange & Sons, Inc. will take the time to explain the differences in coverage and see what is truly beneficial to you and your family. They are familiar with where the flood planes are and how close your house may be to them.  It is easier to feel more connected with them, and trust they know what is better for you, more than the random person in a call center on the other side of the country.It is important to know what your policy covers.  If you have questions about your policy, or know you need flood insurance, Somerville, MA, call A. Gange & Sons, Inc. at (781) 396-3111.



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