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Workers Comp Insurance Somerville, MA

Workers Comp Insurance Somerville MAThere are many types of insurance you will need to run a successful business, including workers comp insurance, Somerville, MA. If you have employees who work for you, workers’ compensation is a must. Just like any other insurance, it is to protect yourself, specifically your business, in case of an unfortunate accident. Workers’ comp insurance in Somerville, MA is a requirement for businesses. If you are not in compliance, state inspectors can come and shut your business down. Some may not know that workers compensation is an additional policy on top of your business insurance. You should always review the type of insurance you need for your business with an insurance expert. We can help you get the coverage you need.

Basic Workers Comp Insurance in Somerville, MA

Workers compensation is insurance a business must have so if an employee becomes injured doing their job function, they can be compensated for the time from work they may have missed due to their injury as well as any other medical expenses, such as rehabilitation services, that may come along with that injury. Who is at fault for the accident or inflicted the injuries, is of no consequence. Employees will still be paid out through workers comp insurance, Somerville, MA. With this type of insurance your employees cannot sue you for negligence. Once the insurance has paid the worker compensation, there is no litigation that can be brought on the company. Examples of claims that could get workers comp is a slip and fall at work, something falling on an employee, or burns of some sort. All of these could require medical attention, and under workers comp insurance, Somerville, MA employers would have to pay for those medical expenses incurred.

Everyone is Protected with Workers Comp Insurance in Somerville, MA

Workers comp insurance in Somerville, MA protects an employee if they are hurt on the job. That is why businesses in almost every state are required to have it. In the worst case scenarios where employees lose their life, workers compensation insurance also pays death benefits to surviving spouses and dependents. It is important to note that workers comp survivors benefits are separate from payments from a life insurance policy, which also provide the surviving family with monetary benefits. Call A. Gange & Sons, Inc. today at (781) 396-3111 to speak with an experienced representative who can work for you.



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